Reasons for volunteering are many and largely involve wanting to be involved in helping worthwhile causes, helping others and possibly in the process, helping one’s self learn, grow and develop.  Particularly at Tantra For Women, the opportunity to help women discover themselves educationally, spiritually, emotionally, physically and sexually is an awesome cause to be a part of.  And, the abundant opportunity for self growth and self discovery is very exciting. And, it cannot be overstated, Tantra For Women needs you very, very much!   You know in your core, feel it, and understand why; but perhaps you can’t quite articulate it. Why do I feel the need to volunteer for this?

Our philosophy firstly and most adamantly rejects the notion of the woman as victim or prey.  These negative societal boundaries and stereotypes are extremely hostile towards female empowerment and liberation.  It is the underpinning of a social and sexual based gender inequality women face every day, from cradle to grave.  It explains why women are told to fear and distrust most men, and that the only ‘sexual healing’ a woman needs is either strictly mental. Or, if by some bizarre circumstance sexual healing has to actually involve actual sex (gasp!), then it is only possible from a long term committed ‘significant other’.  Certainly, in all cases, she should avoid common sense holistic health or spiritually related services that may involve actual physical contact with an objective, patient, trained and non-defensive gentleman with superior experience, expertise and commitment,

Meanwhile,  men are encouraged from an early age to ‘sow their oats’ and gain ‘experience’ in the world. Women, however, are absolutely reviled and vilified for the exact same behavior.  This is also why women are discouraged by friends, family and so-called professionals, dissuaded from addressing this kind of inequality through practical, natural (i.e. non-medical) and completely legal practices at Tantra For Women.

To make matters worse, men can enjoy sex in a matter of seconds, with a release that is extremely satisfying.  Women need the time, patience and approval from their mate, if not society at large, to achieve the same satisfaction.  A woman’s lack of satisfaction is actually sexual neglect, at best, and is the most common form of sexual abuse.  This abuse makes gender inequality all the more difficult for women to handle, leading always to serious spiritual, psychological and social rationalizing that it’s ‘okay’, when in fact, it is absolutely not okay.

This bias against female health and happiness is the primary reason that an alternative service directed at the heart of the social, spiritual and sexual inequality women face is the core mission for Tantra For Women.  And, volunteers are vital to the existence of this organization.  As you may suspect, women suffering from issues ranging from a bad breakup, to neglect, to more serious sexual abuse are often reluctant to seek help.

Similarly, women seeking better spiritual guidance and a different and more meaningful means of worship have a lot of fear stepping outside the religious dogma under which they’ve been indoctrinated.  This reluctance and fear is true when that help has to come from someone new or unfamiliar to them.  And, it’s especially true when the process is through an holistic, alternative, and ancient tantra practice that should involve intimate contact.

Because all women are different, the techniques and approach to each individual must be custom tailored to recognize and address particular aversions and stressors.  Some need more emotional support, while others need more spiritual support; they all need more physical support.  This means that each individual client is not suitable for practice of every technique or method.  Trying ‘new’ methods and ‘different’ techniques that are not yet vetted for efficiency or efficacy is even less of an option for women seeking help with genuine emotional, physical and/or spiritual issues.

To be able to get regular practice involving the different techniques used for different issues; to develop treatments; to practice newer methods; to promote and advocate for free services like this, volunteers form the backbone for this service to exist and survive.  Female volunteers are needed for all facets of the practice, and much like the clientele, Tantra For Women understands fully that some work and support that might be appealing for one volunteer is absolutely a no-go for another.  Thus, it’s important that volunteers understand that you are needed for what you are willing to do and can do, and we don’t expect you to volunteer to perform work you are uncomfortable with or feel you lack the experience or interest in pursuing.

Ideally, volunteers will participate in one-on-one learning session with the founder and practitioner for Tantra For Women, and help him practice, develop and improve various physical techniques for sexual healing and partner worship.  But, not all women can or should give so intimately.  Women are also needed for social media advertising and marketing, spreading the message by word-of-mouth, and other methods of promotion and advocacy.  Please join us.  You are needed!

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