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Generalizing rather broadly, there are three basic influences on women when it comes to finding romance: 1) what families, friends and society say about it; 2) one’s personal goals such as starting a family, having companionship or not living alone, finding a spiritual connection, and related goals; and 3) past intimacy experiences and her own ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction from a sexual relationship.

Tantra4women is ready to help you on this search as a premier and exclusive matchmaking service free for women. Finding a romantic connection can be so exciting and exhilarating for many reasons. Mostly for the promise that the connection will develop into something more over time. But, more immediately, the opportunity that arousal and sexual desires which are both physically and emotionally important to satisfy, can be pursued. A lack of sexual contact often causes significant psychological and emotional stress in men and women. The lack of sexual contact will also leave sexual specific organs and muscles underutilized, making them weaker, which in turn leads to less pleasurable sex and a lack of stamina if/when sex does occur. Women have to understand, these are muscles and organs that are never going to get exercised at the gym!

Due to many factors, women are often, and have been, discouraged from meeting men for the purpose of satisfying sexual needs. Fear of STD is a frequent cause, even though safe-sex techniques can prevent virtually 100% of them.
For many women, the memories of recent broken promises and disappointment are a major blocker to finding new love interests. Additionally, there is a societal pressure on women to be sexually reserved and to avoid appearances of ‘promiscuity’.

After a few dates and constant reminders to ‘respect’ oneself, women begin to make men jump through hoops to ‘prove’ he is the right guy for her. Finding a long term mate that is a companion, friend, and life partner takes precedence over the more attainable (and pleasurable) goal of satisfying sexual needs. This leaves women frustrated and abstinent as the search for ‘The One’ drags on.

Searching for a soul mate or ‘significant other’ is a mission most women and men find themselves on at some point in their life. Some start searching early in life, others put off the hunt until later in life in favor of pursuing education, careers and/or handling other important life events. And, since not all life partners (for one reason or another) last for a lifetime, the search is often repeated many times throughout one’s life. Yet, much of this searching is to satisfy societal expectations, while the remainder is in avoidance; an attempt to prevent further disappointment and hurt.

Filling the need for consistent and convenient companionship is a large part of the need for finding a life partner or ’significant other’. Achieving many other of life’s goals like starting a family, having a best friend, someone to share bills and chores with, and not living alone are also part of the motivation to find this person. Finding someone who shares a ’spiritual’ connected is also an important distinguishing quality of the ‘significant other’. Whether it is an actual religious connection or more of a philosophical one, a spiritual connection involves energy and vibrations and a compatibility at a kind of metaphysical level.

Happily, friends and family can often fill the need for companionship. And, in places like New York City, finding a roommate is exceedingly easy while finding a place anyone can afford on their own is difficult. So, in many areas, living with a roommate to share bills and chores with happens anyway, even if you’d preferred to do that part alone.

But, the desire for a safe and close romantic connection with a partner is not a role friends or roommates can easily nor necessarily should be filling. And, though a kind of spiritual connection can be made through religious prayer groups, clergy and the like, it is not necessarily the same ‘type’ of spiritual connection one seeks in a physical relationship.

The single most important reason why men are generally ‘ok’ with a mostly ‘physical’ or sexual relationship is for the simple reason that their sexual needs are almost always met! Women on the other hand are far more likely not to orgasm and to have discomfort if not outright pain during sex. Even for those women who often orgasm during sex (intercourse), the lack of a spiritual connection in a sexual partner leads to the physical acts becoming rote, boring and largely unsatisfying.

One thing women may sense, if not actually know outright, is that their ability to orgasm during sex is directly connected to their partner’s ability to maintain erection and not orgasm (and thus lose erection) before she orgasms. And, beyond stamina, is his inability (or unawareness) to be patient and stimulate her whole body, including breasts, nipples, legs, hips, back, neck, to bring up a woman’s energy and bring forth explosive orgasms. As part of that whole experience, women can begin to be confident and instead of expecting and anticipating sexual frustration and no orgasm – women can actually let loose and really release.

For instance, women who can orgasm manually, via masturbation, can almost always orgasm during intercourse, but surprisingly few of them have had that experience. And, the reason is quite simply that the man did not stimulate enough parts of her body, she did not get an opportunity to position her body, and she did not get a chance to move her body in the ways necessary for her to orgasm during intercourse. The reason why this occurs is also societal. Men are not taught to be patient – they are the aggressors. And, women are taught to take what they can get – and be happy with what they got – even if it was not as satisfying as it should be.

Another factor is the mind-body-spirit connection to orgasm. When there is confidence of a good outcome, a ’spiritual’ connection is more easily made. In addition to physical chemistry and good love-making technique, women are placed in a much better mental, physical and motivational state to enjoy and pursue pleasure. It is in that motivation, confidence and improved physical touch that women find that she can do both: search for a lover and search for a ‘significant other’, and the two are neither mutually exclusive nor redundant.

The remedy for women is that they have to get orgasmic experiences from someone who will focus and dedicate their meetings to her orgasm. Someone who will introduce a spiritual and mental component along with the physical techniques. And, she might have to try more than once with that partner and not assume it will never work if there is no orgasm on the first try.

Women who are already orgasmic but sense is something missing, such as a lack of romantic feeling during her sexual union, will learn the power of the spiritual connection through meditation, breathing and the value of partner worship in sacred sex. offers great sexually focused dates (a.k.a. encounters or sessions) with men who are screened and vetted. Many have trained as or with a tantra instructor to be patient and gentle. Our dates are men who have amazing stamina and semen retention skills, who truly view women with respect and as apartner to development and improve his unique skils, not just to satisfy his or her physical needs.

Using a combination of meditation, massage, chakra energies, and a vast number of safe-sex techniques, women learn to, and experience orgasm easily, regularly, and repeatedly during intercourse.

And, women who were already orgasmic learn to connect their heart and soul to their body so love-making becomes more exciting and pleasurable. Once her skills and experiences have been expanded, she is now in a position to be able to train any man to please her – even her soon-to-be found ‘significant other’. In some cases, our matches have become those long-term soul mate matches, perhaps at roughly the same rate or better, as any other service. And, if she doesn’t find her soul mate? Well, that’s the good news! At least the lover she met is fantastic and she has found a great partner she can call on often, and it makes the waiting and hunting for The One so delicious!

Women should also know that their participation and sharing through this service is absolutely needed! Female practitioners, providers and coaches willing to work with our male dates to improve his ability make the best dates here at Tantra4women. And, women seeking to reduce or eliminate blockers have found the perfect place, too! There are no other women, just you! Female participation is vital and women are urged to try! Whether single or attached, just once during a visit, or regularly and often, please, please, please contact us now!

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