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If you do not want to use the email or contact form, call or text: 1-646-266-0906.

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We answer the phone Mon-Friday 10AM to 6PM, but you are encouraged to leave a message. Texting is an excellent alternative as occasionally the voice message is unclear whereas text is almost always clear and complete.

There is also our Private Contact Form to the right. This updates a database and does not send an E-Mail. You can send a hotel phone number and extension, Yahoo Messenger (YM) handle, address and room number, SMS id, an email you can receive but not send from, etc. Do put something (anything) in the “Email or Phone” field so the database record will save properly. If you want us to get back to you must put accurate contact information in the body of the message if not in the “Email or Phone” field.

It is important to contact us and schedule in advance as when there are no clients scheduled, we often arrange to go out of town or do charitable work which will then make us unavailable when we might have otherwise been there for you.

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This form does not use any Internet E-mail thus correspondence is private.