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Non-Denominational Prayer Worship: Atonement, Redemption and Good Karma For a fully immersive spiritual experience, students and volunteers can utilize the physical based training towards a faith based practice, building a strong spiritual and religious foundation, while continuing and intensifying their relationship with God, however we

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Tantra: Not Hinduism or Buddhism

Tantra is the original spiritual science first taught in India more than 7000 years ago, and is considered more of a philosophy than religion.  It was founded by the original inhabitants of the Indus Valley who had a Dravidian language and culture. Excavations of

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Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing may mean different things to different people. But, it’s original and intended meaning is the act or process of performing treatments for physical and emotional issues affecting and impacting one’s ability to invite, accept, pursue, enjoy and/or perform

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Happier Clients is a Better Dating Business

Dating is the most often used tool in the quest to find a ‘significant other’, but intimacy and finding a partner with whom to enjoy great sex with is perhaps as big, if not bigger motivator for why women actually

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Finding Romance

Generalizing rather broadly, there are three basic influences on women when it comes to finding romance: 1) what families, friends and society say about it; 2) one’s personal goals such as starting a family, having companionship or not living alone,

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