Happier Clients is a Better Dating Business

Dating is the most often used tool in the quest to find a ‘significant other’, but intimacy and finding a partner with whom to enjoy great sex with is perhaps as big, if not bigger motivator for why women actually date. Yet, dating men in order to fill sexual needs usually has very mixed, and on average, very poor results for women. Thus, women become resigned to sexless dating and self-imposed abstinence in hopes of breaking the cycle with ‘The One’. Even worse, prolonged sexual frustration in turns leads to even worse decisions regarding choice of men, more bitterness, and an increased inability to actually enjoy sex when she finally does get around to it. She eventually stops dating, or greatly reduces the number of dates because it all seems so pointless.

Tantra4women.org attempts to solve the problem of sexual frustration and the sadness and emptiness it causes women. Through a combination of education, mental and physical training and exercises in a workshop type of setting, women can experience amazing sexual enjoyment, safely, without stalking or heartache. No need to justify it! The importance of fulfilling sexual needs and desires is a biological, psychological and emotional fact that far too many women have been taught or trained to ignore. Tantra4women training breaks that cycle and allows women to become sexually alive without serial dating or making bad choices with men just to satisfy basic needs. Though, perhaps not a long term solution for every woman, it is an affordable (it’s free!), safe, convenient and excellent short or medium term solution that will add energy, optimism, enthusiasm and stamina for any woman. This does not mean she will suddenly stop dating or you’ll lose a client. Quite the contrary! She will not make bad choices and settle for men that are not good for her because her basic sexual needs are being fulfilled already.

Those in the dating business, particularly in the New York area, are encouraged to refer women as part of their overall program to remove shame and guilt while providing safe, focused and controlled sexual experiences to their clients. This will actually motivate her to go on more dates and excursions in a less desperate mode. Relationship coaches and matchmakers will have a happier client with more stamina and patience compared to a bitter and sexually frustrated client. And, of course, more satisfied clients is a better dating business for everyone.

Female matchmakers and relationship coaches are also encouraged to try it for themselves! Not only does your participation help ensure that this free and exciting resource stays available in the future for you clients; you will absolutely love and enjoy it for yourself, as well. You will then be able to make referrals with confidence and together, we can grow a happy, sex positive dating and loving community.

There are approximately 80 workshop session openings per month. We want to fill all 80, so tantra4women needs all of the participants and referrals we can get to even get close to our goal. Click a link below to read more articles on dating, romance, and sex.

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