Romantic Adventure

Enjoy the fun and excitement of a date with the safety and expertise offered through an organization committed to positive healing and healthy experiences for women.

A romantic spa adventure is geared towards single women visiting New York City seeking excitement and sensual pleasure in the safest and gentlest manner possible. Tantra For Women offers hands-on, 1-to-1 intimate adventure with a trained tantra practitioner.

Soothing body shampoo, calming meditation, arousing sensual massage, and as much intimate contact as you can handle.

Excellent while on vacation, during a business trip, or as a gift for a friend who can use it!

The Tantra Spa is an unique, exciting and adventurous travel activity women visiting New York City are encouraged to try, just once or again and again!

It is also open to New York City metro area residents, too!

Bolder Adventures

There is no doubt that a romantic encounter is always exciting when it is new and perhaps slightly taboo! Yet, Tantra For Women tantra spa and workshops are calming and mild adventures, geared towards the more reserved or cautious woman: appealing to the largest segment of women possible.

For women who have decided that a romantic adventure is definitely interesting, but want more of an 'adventure' and something more 'extreme', we do customize the adventure for her!

Bolder adventures can manifest in different ways, and the particulars of what she wants can vary greatly, and is always customized for her. Examples listed below are not necessarily representative of what your extreme adventure might be, but listed here to give ideas of what we mean by extreme:

  • Maithuna: sacred-sex partner worship
  • Group: two or more females
  • Sexercise: Have a most fun workout
  • Penetration: multiple orifice
  • Tantra Workshops

    Experience fun, exciting tantra lessons that are  educational, spiritual, and immensely pleasurable without religious dogma or in anti-climactic group events.

    Try a free, no pressure tantra session without the commitment of multiple classes or lessons. We can meet at your Manhattan residence or one of our studios.

    If you find the tantra lesson educational, enjoyable and would have the time for more workshops, here is a curriculum summary:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Energy channeling
  • Tantra massage
  • Taoist postures and Kama Sutra
  • Learn to orgasm with a male
  • Partner worship and bliss
  • As we become familiar with each other, exploring intimate aspects of partner worship and bliss generation become possible. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a session or two to reach comfort with a new partner.

    With gentle encouragement and deep discussion along with physical touch, we reach heart-felt and genuine intimacy and passion.